20 فوریه 2014

Yandex.Market is your personal mobile helper for selecting products and finding out prices that’s always with you—on your telephone or tablet. The app selects products according to specified filters or searches for them by name. See details and characteristics, review buyer reviews, compare prices, and choose the best offers.

Yandex.Market’s catalog offers a wide range of product categories: from laptops and smartphones to car parts, kitchen appliances, and clothes. You can also find shoes and accessories to go with your outfit.

Yandex.Market lets you:

– select products by manufacturer, price, or other filters;

– find a product by name or by scanning a barcode or QR code;

– filter out offers by price, store distance, or its rating;

– find out product descriptions and read real buyers’ reviews;

– call the store right from the app or go to its site to order online;

– see store locations on the map and read reviews about them.

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