Quomai, loyalty & reward cards
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Your loyalty, membership and reward cards on your phone. Take your cards with you anywhere without the hassle.

Adding your cards to Quomai is very easy:

• Download the app for free.

• Find your loyalty card or create your own custom card.

• Enter your customer number. If the card has a barcode, just scan it using your phone’s camera.

• Organize your cards in your virtual card holder. You can even personalize them with your own images.

When you are shopping, simply show your customer card and have the store staff key in your card number or scan the card’s barcode from your mobile device. That’s it! Benefit from the same rewards as always in a more convenient way.


✓ Barcode reading on your phone’s screen may not be possible with certain retail barcode scanners. In the event a barcode does not scan, just ask the retail staff to manually type your customer number.

Registering your account with Quomai automatically backs up all your cards. Have your cards securely stored in the event you upgrade your phone or lose your wallet!


• Don’t forget your cards at home.

• Unclutter your wallet.

• Take advantage of your favourite brand rewards and offers.

• Find nearby venues where you can take advantage of your cards.



· By popular demand: you can now use Quomai without creating an account! (however: if you want to keep a backup copy of your cards in case you lose, break or change your phone be sure to register).

· Card image thumbnails to help you find your favourite brands

· You can now refresh card and venue lists at any time (just slide down)


∙ Brand new gift guides (on selected loyalty programs)

∙ Enhanced venue detail screen, containing pics, contact and additional info

∙ You can reload the card detail screen by pulling it down

∙ Improved balance info (on selected loyalty programs)

∙ Brands can now establish custom points units and use decimals

∙ In settings tab, you can now view the email you are currently logged with

∙ And many many under-the-hood improvements to power up usability and fix minor bugs


• You can now set a new password from settings

• Cards with enriched features are tagged as “Join now” or “Recommended”. Do you want to see your favourite local store listed? Tell the merchant to contact us:hi@quomai.com• Account balance can now be displayed either in points or your local currency

• We’ve added a new language: Catalan


• You can now get notifications about special offers from your favourite brands and merchants

• Fixed code scanner issue

• Usability improvements

• Minor bugs fixed


• Share your rewards and coupons on Twitter and Facebook.

• Next reward you can get is now displayed after earning new points.

• New tools for merchants: pin code based reward programs and uniquely identified coupons now supported. Do you want details?hi@quomai.com• Usability improvements.

• Minor bugs fixed.


• Cards can now be deleted from the edition screen as well as long-pressing on them in the card’s list

• Card’s image can now be displayed full screen over a black background

• New venue detail screen with address info and route map option

• New tools for merchants: promo campaigns, new membership cards, detailed advantages, gamification options. Do you want details?hi@quomai.com• Usability improvements


• New faster reward coupon visualization

• Improved reward coupon redemption

• Merchants can now give greater detail of points status

• You can now get bonuses from selected merchants

• Minor bugs fixed


• New Login and Signup screens

• Improved password recovery process

• Usability improvements

• Minor bugs fixed

• Do you own a business? You can now set up and manage your own mobile loyalty program. Contact us:hi@quomai.com2.0.1:

• Fixes spanish translations

• Tell your friends about Quomai

• Application can now be installed on external storage

• Usability improvements

• Stability and performance improvements

Quomai, loyalty & reward cards

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5,001 vote, average: 5,00 out of 51 vote, average: 5,00 out of 51 vote, average: 5,00 out of 51 vote, average: 5,00 out of 51 vote, average: 5,00 out of 5

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