100 Fusumas “room escape game”

20 فوریه 2014

Solve the secret in these japanese room, open the fusuma and escape!

Fusuma is a japanese traditional sliding door.

▶ 2013-07-25 Stage skip function

This function allows you to skip those difficult stages.

Follow the instruction below to open the confirm dialog to skip any stages.

– Long Tap the stage button in the SelectRoom menu

▶ You cannot skip the finished stages or those stages with lock

– Tap on the Title “Room” in the game menu

▶ Some stages may not have this function

– Press the menu button on your phone in the game menu

▶ Some devices may not have this function


▶Japanese style room escaping game.

▶Fully use the device feature (tap,swipe,flick,shake,tilt)

▶Open the fusuma to go to the next stage.

▶This is a free application and more stages will be added!

▶Tested Device

– LG Optimus bright L-07C (2.3.3)

– AQUOS PHONE IS13SH (2.3.5)

– ARROWS Z ISW13F (4.0.3)

– AQUOS PHONE 102SH (4.0.4)

– Xperia GX SO-04D (4.0.4)

– HTC J butterfly HTL21 (4.1.1)

– Nexus 7 (4.2.2)


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