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PhotoViva is a powerful application for photo editing and freeform painting. It can help you transform your pictures into expressive and colorful works of art.

In addition to tools for enhancing your photos, there are paint brushes that let you make abstract painted interpretations of photos. You can select a brush and copy image features by cloning or painting. Brushes can track the direction of movement, or you can set the brush direction. You can also change the hue, saturation and blur of brush strokes as you go.

App Hints

Use large brush strokes to fill the canvas, then use smaller brush strokes to reveal detail

Use Brushes in “Clone” mode instead of “Paint” mode to copy the source image to the canvas

Use Tools->Blend undo.. to vary the density of your most recent change to the canvas

Use the Airbrush in “Clone” mode to blend the image directly to the canvas after painting with brush strokes

Try clearing to White, Black or Cream using the Fill menu before painting

Add color noise to brush strokes to make a lively variation in the color

Use less or no color noise when painting on skin tones

Use the HDR correction feature on images that have people in the shadows


The maximum output image size is based on the CPU and graphics capabilities of your Android device.

Featured Functionality

Zoom and pan your canvas to do detailed work

Image cropping

10 levels of undo and redo

Camera support for devices with cameras

Gallery of sample images provided

Terrific Tools

High Dynamic Range (HDR) correction

RGB adjustment

Shadows, midtones, and brightness control

Saturation and Sharpening

Autopaint mode

Hue adjustment

Add noise function


Blend functions

Fill to white, black or cream

Fill frame, outline or center

Fill to current color

Brilliant Brushes

20 brushes are provided

Set the angle or let the brushes track your touch

Brushes paint or clone

Brush size and color can be varied

Color Creativity

Edit colors or pick colors from the canvas

An image can be used as a source of color

Adjust brightness, blur, saturation and hue on the fly

Current canvas can be used as a source of image color

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